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Fish Hook Books® is a hybrid publishing house combining the best of traditional publishing with the advantages of self-publishing.

The Fish Hook Books®  Advantage is a quality publication, prepared in 90 days, promising authors the highest possible royalties.

Thinking about writing a How-To book?  Be part of our new A Hooker's Guide®  Series.

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The A Hooker's Guide® Series
Website Development

There is no excuse for not having a professional looking website.  If you are a professional and don't have a website, you look like an amateur.  But it need not be expensive!

Fed up with looking for a publisher who will publish your book in less than a year or two?  Shocked at the low royalties you are being offered?  Don't want to share your profits with an agent?

Want to show the world your expertise?  Want to be a teacher?  Do you need a reasonable and profitable outlet for your creativity and ingenuity?  Do you want to be part of a series known for quality with a fun attitude?